“In our mission to protect Christian values in Australia The Canberra Declaration has found The Golden Sceptre to be a like-minded and diligent partner in ministry. So much so we have dedicated a special page on our website to The Golden Sceptre. The Golden Sceptre provides an innovative and much appreciated service to many members of The Canberra Declaration community who find it difficult, for one reason or another, to write letters to our political leaders. The letters provided by The Golden Sceptre focus on key current issues that matter to the future of our nation and our children. Letters are provided in a timely way at the strategic moment.

They are well researched and incisively written from a soundly Biblical and Christian worldview. We wholeheartedly commend the ministry of The Golden Sceptre to you.”

David Rowsome, Prayer Co-ordinator. The Canberra Declaration

“The Golden Sceptre has contributed greatly to my effectiveness as a concerned Christian who is seeking to place my views before key politicians on the moral issues of the day. Rather than having to compose my own letters and emails to the appropriate politicians on the various non-biblical and anti-Christian issues being debated in both state and federal Parliaments, I can rely on The Golden Sceptre to send me a well worded draft email addressed to the politicians of either Upper or Lower Houses, as required. I have the option of editing the draft, which I occasionally do to reflect my personal style, before a simple 'click' sends the emails to one or multiple recipients who receive the email as from my own email address.

It is profoundly important that politicians hear the views of Christians in these morally dangerous times and the service of The Golden Sceptre makes the Christian voice heard so much more effectively. Before subscribing to the service I would hardly ever write to a politician for lack of knowledge on who to write to and sometimes because of a lack of understanding of the issues being debated and the consequences of the possible decisions. The Golden Sceptre has ended all that.

I strongly recommend The Golden Sceptre to all concerned Christians.”

Dr Mark Harwood, Scientist and Speaker. Creation Ministries International.

“The quality service offered by the Golden Sceptre is making a huge difference to the success of our all-important email campaigns in fighting to maintain a Christian voice in the public square. When I have been pressed for time, it has been a great blessing to avail of the Golden Sceptre to convey a message to our elected representatives. Many people would like to participate in such email campaigns but are at a loss where to start. When important issues are at stake every email makes a difference, and we need hundreds of thousands.

While only random emails may be read, the offices of politicians keep a record of the number for and against. Hence the electronic age enables us to put grass roots democracy into effect, which has not been possible since the direct democracy of ancient Greece. I would strongly recommend that everyone who cares about the democratic rights of people of faith to sign up with the Golden Sceptre.”

Moira Kirkwood, Editor for Endeavour Forum email news service

“I want to highly recommend the Golden Sceptre and thank God that through this crucial service what seemed to be impossible for me to do, now takes less than a minute and is both very easy and so inexpensive. It is vital for us today to have a voice and now through Mansel's excellently written and brilliantly researched petitions to all parliamentary representatives on both vital and crucial issues of our time. I have found them to be written with great clarity, powerfully communicating my own personal convictions.

This is by far the best ever service I have ever had the privilege to be part of and have recommended it to every-one. I believe the Golden Sceptre is one of the greatest needs of our day that has enabled many to have their say and I believe also has had a far reaching effect, as it has truly been blessed by God in every way.”

Pastor Adrian Kebbe, Templestowe Presbyterian Church

“The Golden Sceptre premium subscription has taken all the hassle out of contacting my local MPs and Senators about matters of concern to me as a committed Christian. Considering the excellent quality of the letters written on my behalf, I find they require zero editing by me, which helps me to have a voice in the political arena even though I have a full time job, part-time study, and a busy church-based social life.

I would recommend the services of the Golden Sceptre to any believer who desires to take his faith public and be salt and light in the earth but doesn't know where to start or doesn't have much spare time.”

Joel van der Horst, Dispensary Technician/Philosophy Student, Emerald Victoria

“I would like to recommend The Golden Sceptre to each and every one reading this. I have been receiving emails to forward to politicians or persons of note for about twelve months now and have been extremely impressed by the quality of the letters and the reliability of the service. The emails have needed no editing and I have received a reply in most instances. On one occasion I received a phone call from the secretary of one of the local politicians ensuring me of their concerns regarding the contents of my email. Letters from constituents do make a difference.”

Anne O’Dwyer

“I am very thankful for the help The Golden Sceptre provides in writing individually unique emails to the relevant politicians regarding issues that we Christians should be concerned about. The Golden Sceptre has definitely helped my wife and me be more active in voicing our concerns to politicians. I highly recommend The Golden Sceptre!”

Mr J. Hopwood, School Teacher, A.C.T.

“We have found our subscription to The Golden Sceptre to be a wonderful blessing. The range of issues covered and the attention to detail are admirable. We feel deeply about all these issues and the impact they are having on our society but do not have the time to research and lobby as we would like to. To date, every letter and every issue has been impeccably handled and we cannot recommend this service too highly.”

Nick and Nat, Victoria

“Before subscribing to The Golden Sceptre I don’t think I ever sent a letter or email to any politician to voice my support or opposition regarding current social or government issues. The excellent emails prepared for me by this service now enable me to make my voice heard from a Christian perspective on a regular basis. So now with very little time and effort on my part I can keep our politicians aware of my views. The Golden Sceptre is excellent value for money and I highly recommend it.”

Mr Dirk Jackson, Hawthorn, Victoria

“I would recommend this service to any Christian. It not only keeps one aware of current issues which concern us, and which need to be timely brought to the attention of one’s political representatives, but also it is so designed for its personalised emails to be easily scanned, often to a handful of people, and finally sent by one click. Apart from that it is a great time-saver and modestly priced.”

Ken Lewis, Doncaster Vic

“The Golden Sceptre Service has certainly been a boon, alerting the politicians to my stand on prolife and moral issues - which I’m always intending to do but not always getting around to. The replies I receive are usually fairly thoughtful, even if the writer has done his or her best to ignore the points ‘I’ made. They have to take some trouble, and presumably my attitude to the matter has registered. It certainly helps to ease my conscience that I’m helping to keep the subject ‘alive’.”

Judy R

“I am glad that I decided to subscribe to The Golden Sceptre. It has relieved me of the responsibility of communicating with politicians on moral issues. The quality of the correspondence has been excellent. Definitely worth the money - good value.”

Fred Bramich, Teacher (retired), Wandin Vic.