Our Service

The Golden Sceptre monitors upcoming legislative issues of concern to Christians at Federal and State government levels across Australia. We then write emails for you to send to your political representatives asking them to uphold Christian values.

Our service frees you from the burden of keeping abreast of all these issues, doing the research, and writing the emails yourself. If you’re not already regularly writing to your Members of Parliament, then please consider subscribing so that your voice may also be heard.

Golden Sceptre subscribers receive at least two emails every month, which is 24 every year. Clicking on the link therein takes you to a page on our website where your pre-written, and pre-addressed email to your Members of Parliament is waiting to be sent. You then simply review the text, make any changes if you so desire, and click send. It’s that simple!

And because each of these emails is usually sent to several of your Members of Parliament, we provide the means for you to contact up to twenty of your representatives every month!

We write as many versions of each email, using different arguments, as the issue warrants. We also ensure that the emails are distributed amongst subscribers in the optimal way; by maximising the different emails sent to subscribers in the same electorate, for example.

Then you can then either send your email off without any changes or you can personalise it; perhaps by adding a sentence or two expressing your personal views or experience relating to the issue to give your email even more of an impact.

The types of issues we write about are those which have the potential to undermine Christian values or which unnecessarily harass or limit the freedom of individual Christians or the Church as a whole. These are issues of general Christian concern and not specific to Protestants, Catholics or any particular Christian denomination.

Some examples of issues we have recently written to Members of Parliament about are:

  • Opposing changes to the legal definition of marriage to include homosexual unions
  • Protecting unborn babies and mothers from the horrors of abortion
  • Protecting Christians overseas from state-sponsored persecution
  • Protecting Australia from unnecessary and dangerous restrictions to free speech
  • Preventing the misuse of ‘discrimination’ and ‘equal opportunity’ legislation
  • Supporting Chaplaincy and Christian Education programmes in our schools

An indication of the types of other issues we write about is found on the websites of the Australian Christian Lobby and Family Voice Australia.