The Golden Sceptre is a unique time-saving service designed to enable Australian Christians to make much more regular contact with their Members of Parliament, encouraging them to legislate more in-line with Biblical principles.

“Christians who wish their voice to be heard need to raise their interests with politicians ... In my experience of almost two decades in public life, very few Christians have visited me, and very few congregations or churches have lobbied me about issues. If your voice is not being raised directly with your MP, somebody else’s is.” *
“My wife and I live in a federal electorate where our MP had expressed that she was in favour of same sex marriage. However she voted against the bill because she received so many letters, emails & phone calls from her constituents expressing that they were against the change.” **

The Golden Sceptre’s service is unique because we identify for you the most pressing issues in your area at the State and Federal level and then we draft two emails a month for you to send (that’s 24 emails every year!).

You can change the text of your email if you want, and then with the click of one button they’re sent from your email address to all your relevant Members of Parliament at once. As well as keeping you up to date with the important political issues, it’s a serious time-saver and allows most people to send far more emails than would otherwise be the case.

It’s a convenient and articulate way to express your Christian opinions and make a difference, without having to spend hours in research and writing.

Esther had to risk her life to petition the King, but the golden sceptre is always extended to Australian Christians. Please don’t waste this great blessing. Subscribe to The Golden Sceptre today and start using your voice to influence Australia for the better.NS

* Kevin Andrews, Federal Member for Menzies in the Australian Presbyterian Magazine, September 2010

** Comment on Bill Muehlenberg’s Culture Watch website, November 2012